SANDEUL Summer Day Summer Night Cover

SANDEUL – Summer Day Summer Night Lyrics

English Translation: On a summer day, we spontaneously decided to go to the beach On a summer night, when the beach breeze turns cooler I liked the sight of your footprints I was so happy…

SANDEUL Smile Box Cover

SANDEUL – Smile Box Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Aju jageun sangja soge nan salgo isseo Jogeum umjingnyeodo byeoge danneun deuthae Wenirinji dapdapajineun ana Jageun sangja soge saneun naneun sangsangeul hae Kkaekkeuthan baram nareul gamssaneun neolbeun deulpan wi Naega seo inneun…

Sandeul Lazy Me Single Cover

Sandeul – Lazy Me Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: I hate myself for being lazy I want to be a diligent person But it doesn’t go as planned ahh I may be dead because I’m not moving now What will happen…