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What We Do

KPopLyrics.net provides the latest English translations and Romanizations of K-Pop songs. We also include individual parts and member line distributions for songs belonging to K-Pop groups.


Our goal is to have the most complete English translated Korean song lyrics database so non-Korean speaking fans around the world could understand the beauty of the meaning behind the lyrics of K-Pop songs.


The site started in 2011. We posted regular updates until the repeated hacks that we experienced back in 2018 which resulted on our team deciding to shut down the website. Fast forward to 2020, we realized our undying love for K-Pop and there’s still a need for providing quality Translations and Romanizations, so we decided to get the website back up again.

Romanizations and Member Line Labeling

All Romanizations and labeling of line distribution/individual parts are provided by our team. We base the member line labeling on live performances, if there aren’t any, it is done by ear and we compare it with other sources to double check.


As of now, our team can only provide rough translations. But we try our best to preserve and provide the real meaning of the lines on the lyrics. We also make sure that each line have proper English grammar.

Please note that lyrics that are labeled with “Rough Translation” have lower accuracy and may contain errors.
“Official English Translation” label is used when the translations came from the official YouTube Channel.
“English Translation” is used when we think the translation accuracy is above 95%

(Please note that we only started using these labels starting July 2020, previous lyrics before this date may have improper labels.)

If the translations are user submitted or belonging to other translators, we double check it, fix it if there are any errors, and we provide proper credit to the original source.


Because YouTube doesn’t provide member line labeling on their subtitles, we decided to overlay our own subtitles to the Music Video. In this way, fans can still watch the Official YouTube video embedded on our website while reading our custom subtitles.

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