Kim Feel

Kim Feel Someday Cover

Kim Feel – Someday Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Modeun ge da neomuna ppareuge heulleoga Saram, sarang, areumdaun sungandeul Maeilgachi oneuri yeppeumyeon joeul tende Geugeon neomu yoksimilkka Saranghaneun saramgwa Eolgureul majuhago Oneul harureul yaegihaneun geot Eorinaiui eolgul Sujubeun miso ape Yeoteun…

Kim Feel Sleeplessness Cover

Kim Feel – Sleeplessness Lyrics

English Translation: Loneliness Days of sleeplessness When I close my eyes for a moment Afterimages that rise In my dream tonight I’m just a lost soul Where you are going Where you are I spit…

Kim Feel START-UP OST Part 3 Cover

Kim Feel – One Day Lyrics

English Translation: It’s already been a while since I forgot With worn out sleeves and tired shoulders, in the same place every day With memories of the passionate love that I’ll never know again I…