Kim Kyu Jong

KIM KYU JONG Call my name Cover

KIM KYU JONG – Call my name Lyrics

English Translation: What’s wrong? Did something happen? Is anyone giving you a hard time? You’re the prettiest when you smile But I don’t think you know that If you can hear this song Will you…

KIM KYU JONG Nostalgia Cover

KIM KYU JONG – Nostalgia Lyrics

English Translation: When the cold wind seeps into my clothes The tip of my heart feels empty for some reason With heavy footsteps, I’m walking and walking Through the past memories Am I the only…

Kim Kyu Jong Autumn Night Cover

Kim Kyu Jong – Autumn Night Lyrics

English Translation: Turning my head to the fall breeze I see the night sky filled with stars Our hot summer has passed and the fall nights have come again Looking back at the repeating days…