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CHEN Hello Cover

CHEN – Hello Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Hello It was hard to just say this word While my mind was complicated for long To decide what to say next So many words piled up in my mind And the…

EXO 3rd Album Repackaged Cover

EXO – Lotto Lyrics

English Translation: Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah Pretending not to be interested, avoiding your eyes Please understand, I have to risk my all Just by passing by, oh yeah I can see that you’re…

EXO 3rd Album Cover

EXO – Stronger Lyrics

English Translation: I can see your thick footsteps more than my own I can see your tears that you shed for me more than my own Even on days that were like a storm that…

EXO 3rd Album Cover

EXO – They Never Know Lyrics

English Translation: I’ve opened all of me for you My eyes, the deepest part of my heart In a world that’s closed without a small crack It’s the only place that’s open for you They…

EXO 3rd Album Cover

EXO – One And Only Lyrics

English Translation: Breathing with the air that has been allowed I can try swimming but I’m back in your arms Even in my dreams, I dream about you all night (all night) The moment I…

EXO 3rd Album Cover

EXO – White Noise Lyrics

English Translation: Lonely nights, the night can’t stop you from coming I’m floating away at the sound of the waves, oh no My memory goes back to the place I was with you, not far…

EXO 3rd Album Cover

EXO – Heaven Lyrics

English Translation: Hello angel, you’re like a picture When I see the sky, I only see you City street lights go off and the moon disappears but it’s dazzling Because the star that fell from…

EXO 3rd Album Cover

EXO – Cloud 9 Lyrics

English Translation: Girl you got me flying up high high flying up Girl you got got me flying up (Flying up) high high flying up (Flying up) Where am I? A place I dreamed of…

EXO 3rd Album Cover

EXO – Artificial Love Lyrics

English Translation: Artificial lover, from the start I was an undercover cover I thought that this was love Although you were unrealistic (more attractive) It spread without reason My thirst for you Our relationship was…