dvwn The Uncanny Counter OST Part 3 Cover

dvwn – No Problem Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Hana dul heuteojineun Jeo bulbitdeul sairo Jakge banjjagineun neoui moseup Amuri bulleobwado Daeul geot gatji ana Adeukage meoreojyeoman gajyo Kkeuteomneun eodumi chajawado I bami jinagamyeon Da gwaenchanajil geoya Deo isangui nunmureun Heulliji…

Dvwn Free Flight Cover

Dvwn – Free Flight Lyrics

Official English Translation: Thinking about me Her lips, even today Are closed shut, frozen I wished for you to tell me everything Ended up hanging up (Cut) In plenty considerations Let go a little bit…

Dvwn Concrete Cover

Dvwn – Concrete Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: I’ll take you there To my secret place No need for a map Because we know it all In the city surrounded by neon signs The place hidden behind riddles Who will…