The Uncanny Counter OST

Hong Isaac The Uncanny Counter OST Part 1 Cover

Hong Isaac – Close Your Eyes Lyrics

English Translation: Close your eyes On this path I remain alone The darkness makes me feel so lonely Ooh No one is here Ooh At the end of this road Close your eyes Imagine now,…

SEJEONG The Uncanny Counter OST Part 2 Cover

SEJEONG – Meet Again Lyrics

English Translation: When did I fall asleep and come here? All of your time has stopped Before my hands barely reached the light The path disappeared and darkness fell Unable to say the remaining words…

dvwn The Uncanny Counter OST Part 3 Cover

dvwn – No Problem Lyrics

English Translation: Between the lights That scatter one by one A small sparkle comes from you No matter how much I call you I don’t think it will reach you You’re just getting farther away…