Dvwn (다운)
"Free Flight (자유비행)"

Official English Translation:

Thinking about me
Her lips, even today
Are closed shut, frozen

I wished for you to tell me everything
Ended up hanging up (Cut)

In plenty considerations
Let go a little bit
Tell me anything
Don’t hold it in by yourself
For you, who is thinking about me

I have emptied my whole dream island
Fall asleep now
I have left a big paper airplane
On the dream island
Don’t you hesitating

On the other side of my island
Riding the wind
Across the ocean
Come over safely
Safe flight
Let our lips touch
And exchange our day

Let’s be more honest
Hold me so hard that even us yesterday
Filled with dislikes would be jealous

Don’t hold back your emotions
Even the deep sighs

If we leave them here
A thin ray of red sunshine
Comes to pick you up, light-hearted

Don’t be missing it on the flight back
It will be vacant here for you always

Don’t you worry
Hope you have a good day
I will greet you again tomorrow
Fly back safely

Fly back safely
Safe flight


Nal saenggakaneun geunyeoui
Ipsul saineun oneuldo
Gudeun chae datyeo inne

Da malhaejwosseumyeon haenneunde
Kkeunnae jeonhwareul kkeuneonne (Ttuk)

Neomchineun baeryeo
Sogeseo uri
Jogeumssigeun naeryeonoko
Mwodeun teoreonwa bwayo
Jeonbu jileojiji mayo

Nal saenggakandan
Neoreul wihae
Nae kkum seomeul jeonbu biwosseo

Eoseo jamdeureoyo
Kkum seome keun jongibihaenggireul
Don’t you hesitating

Geonneopyeon naui seom
Barameul tago
Bada wireul geonneoseo
Josimhi neomeowa
Safe flight

Ipsureul matdaemyeo uri
Harureul gyohwanhaebwayo
Jom deo soljikaejyeoyo

Miwotdeon eojeui uriga
Jiltuhal mankeum sege kkyeoanajwo

Beokchaneun mamdeul gipi damji malgo
Goin hansumkkaji yeogie
Jeonbu naeryeonoko namyeon

Ganeulge ppeodeun
Bulgeun haetbit
Gabyeowojin neol derireo ojyo

Ganeun bihaengeun aswiwo marayo geudae
Yeogin neol wihae biwojyeo isseo eonjedeun

Geokjeonghaji malgo
Oneuldo himnae
Naeildo majung galge
Josimhi neomeoga

Josimhi neomeoga
Safe flight