Young K

Young K nothing but Cover

Young K – nothing but Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: To bring shame to the words “I’ll hold you until the end” You are sobbing In my arms It’s okay, it’s really okay Let’s not do this I’ve tried to hold out…

Young K let it be summer Cover

Young K – let it be summer Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Saehayake dwideopigo Modeun ge sideureo Beorin gyeouredo Nae anui Tteugeoun yeoreumui haetbit Geugeonmaneun jukji Ankireul baraji Siganeun makji mothae Gyejeori bakkwil ttaen Aswium hana an namge Kkot pineun bomeul jina Taoreuneun sigan…

Young K Text Me Now Single Cover Art

Young K – Text Me Now Lyrics

English Translation: As soon as I wake up The first thing I do is check for your text Just in case you left one for me at dawn Unfortunately Notification is zero No commitment The…