Swan Space Cover

Swan – Space Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Neoui binjariga ajigeun Iksukajiga ana jom himdeureo Nareul bureudeon moksorido Modu sarajigo hanjeokae Neoneun eodiseo mwohae Jigeum nae saenggageun hae Gakkeumssik nega michidorok bogo sipeojimyeon Geuttaen eotteokae Naege yeollakaedo dwae Mannajago haedo…

Swan Call This Love Cover

Swan – Call This Love Lyrics

English Translation: There is only empty air between us You know what Conversations without interest are here When did our close relationship Turn out like this Your presence is fading away And it’s clear that…

Swan 2nd Mini Album Cover

Swan – I Like You Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: This sleepless night Again I am swallowed with your thoughts From the way you look at me I can forget about falling asleep again If I say I like you, To you…