NewJeans A Time Called You OST Cover

NewJeans – Beautiful Restriction Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Oneul haru haengbokagil Eonjena achime nuntteumyeon Gidoreul hage dwae Daranalkka duryeoun haengbok ape Neol mannan geon haenguniya Hyuire haeya hal ildeuri Naegedo saenggyeosseo Yaksokago mannago heeojigo Jogeumssik jip apeseo Neol deullyeo bonaegiga…

NewJeans Album Super Shy Cover

NewJeans – New Jeans Lyrics

Official English Translation: Look, it’s a new me Switched it up, who’s this? Look at us, NewJeans So fresh, so clean How long I’ve been waiting for this day Finally Time to step out One…

NewJeans OMG Cover

NewJeans – OMG Lyrics

Official English Translation: This song it’s about you, baby Only you You, you, you You, you, you, you When I’m down, feel like I’m crying (mm-hm) When I can’t even pretend to be okay (mm-hm)…