Melody Day

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Melody Day Single Cover

Melody Day – Anxious Lyrics

(with Mad Clown) English Translation: You used to be so gentle You were always so affectionate But today, you’re like a different person What should I do? I keep getting anxious Walking past familiar streets…

Melody Day 1st Album Cover

Melody Day – Another Parting Lyrics

English Translation: It’s getting farther away, it’s getting hotter, it’s tears, it’s a farewell I fall down and tears start to fall, goodbye Go slower, you fool What’s the rush? What are you so sad…

Melody Day Master's Sun OST Cover

Melody Day – All About Lyrics

English Translation: I’m all about all about Like a lie, I’m bewitched by happiness in my heart The pain in my heart, the rain in my tears I’m embraced by my only one, it’s you…

I Miss You OST

Melody Day – Magic Castle Lyrics

English Translation: Can you believe That in my dreams, you are a princess that is cast under a magic spell? Although there are so many hardships that come along your way But I always have…