Kwon Jin Ah

Kwon Jin Ah I Cover

Kwon Jin Ah – I Lyrics

English Translation: My face gives it all away I just can’t take my eyes off you You resemble a white cloud for some reason You also resemble a warm moon I keep thinking about you…

Kwon Jin Ah What I want Cover

Kwon Jin Ah – What I want Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: I think I’m too tired now I don’t think I can go on any longer My tomorrow is unclear and each day is the same I can’t let go of these thoughts…

Kwon Jin Ah Good Bye Cover

Kwon Jin Ah – Good Bye Lyrics

English Translation: Hurry and go The night has grown deep Get home safely Until you disappeared I was waving Sometimes, everything was so clear That I knew it was over Sorry that this breakup came…