Shaman Girl Ga Doo Shim OST

Kwon Jin Ah Shaman Girl Ga Doo Shim OST Part 1 Cover

Kwon Jin Ah – Run to You Lyrics

English Translation: I can’t even fathom I still can’t see you I’m holding out my hand even farther Looking for that small door knob The stale air And the hesitant times Are now opening me…

Seung Hee Shaman Girl Ga Doo Shim OST Part 2 Cover

Seung Hee – Dear My Nights Lyrics

English Translation: Side by side Along the lines My future is being figured out My heart has expanded To an unfamiliar shape So I’m nicely ironing it to smooth it out White faces above the…

YOO SEONHO Shaman Girl Ga Doo Shim OST Part 3 Cover

YOO SEONHO – Forever Smile Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Misoreul ttuiumyeo nae pume angyeo Seulpeun gieok modu ichyeojigil barae Du nun sok gadeuki banjjagin byeolcheoreom Nae mamsoge geudaeppunin geojyo Yeah dreaming for you remember smile Jigeum I misoreul gieokae jwoyo Everytime…