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Kim Tae Woo – Con Amore Mio Lyrics

English Translation: Con triste amore mio Con mustio amore mio This heart cannot reach anyone As it just floats around The world blows cold wind only to me It won’t give me any generosity Yes,…

Kim Tae Woo Single Cover

Kim Tae Woo – Goodbye Lyrics

English Translation: I start my day with you I wander around with you I am in love with you While we spend time together every day What I hate to hear the most is Let’s…

Kim Tae Woo T-Love EP Cover

Kim Tae Woo – Cosmic Girl Lyrics

English Translation: You put up your hair just beautifully Your full lips too sexy to be pure Pretty eyes stand out Your trademark, you’re blessed (wuh oh wuh oh) I can’t help it (wuh oh…

Kim Tae Woo T-Love EP Cover

Kim Tae Woo – LOVEcoaster Lyrics

English Translation: Sometimes I cry, sometimes I smile Sometimes I get mad and forgive again Today I am restless, tomorrow I am disappointed by your words Today you are pretty and I hate you again…

Kim Tae Woo T-Love EP Cover

Kim Tae Woo – Oppa Lyrics

English Translation: Do you like me who is old Yes I like oppa because you are like daddy My head hurts my heart hurts You are so bad since you don’t know what I feel…

Gentleman's Dignity OST Cover

Kim Tae Woo – High High Lyrics

English Translation: My heart that sees you is high high And I’m feeling high high The depressing past days are now bye bye Up to the sky, high high My love is high high From…