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Backstreet Rookie OST

Kang Daniel Backstreet Rookie OST Part 1 Cover

Kang Daniel – Something Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: I’m trapped and I can’t wake up, I’ve fallen All of my feelings for you shake me up So I stopped walking without anyone knowing Your mysterious breath has made me breathe…

APRIL Backstreet Rookie OST Part 2 Cover

APRIL – Crazy Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy still I can feel your heart beat Crazy Crazy You made my heart dancing like crazy Did you hear it, in that…

Kim Tae Woo Backstreet Rookie OST Part 3 Cover

Kim Tae Woo – Love Ya Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: I’m fall in love now I’m fall in love now I’m fall in love now With an immature look Your twinkling eyes looking at me With your first smile, it makes me…

Rothy Backstreet Rookie OST Part 4 Cover

Rothy – Sleepless Night Lyrics

English Translation: I guess I woke up because I missed you It’s all quiet this night Even the lights on the street were asleep It reminds me of you more By the time the darkness…

Colde Backstreet Rookie OST Part5 Cover

Colde – Treasure Lyrics

English Translation: I feel rich with you as my treasure When I walk with you, I feel like time keeps running away Too fast You push me and I keep pulling When I’m with you,…

Park Kyung & SEOLA Backstreet Rookie OST Part6 Cover

Park Kyung & SEOLA – See Saw Lyrics

English Translation: Up and down In my daily fluctuating heart A small flower blossoms And even warmth has found it I’m sure it won’t be easy But please come a little closer So you can…

LIM JISOO Backstreet Rookie OST Part7 Cover

LIM JISOO – I’ll Miss You Lyrics

 Official English Translation/Romanized: It’s a beautiful day, the very first day we met I was in your arms, thinking I belonged there Now I no longer find you to be a habit, Trying not to…