Kim Bumsoo Woori The Virgin OST Part 2 Cover

Kim Bumsoo – I′m goin′ crazy Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Dorabeorigenne bingbingbingbing Dorabeorigenne bingbingbingbing Eotteokae na michyeosseo da Dorabeorigenne bingbingbingbing Bingbingbingbing bingbingbingbing Bingbingbingbing dolliji malgo malhaedo dwae Wingwingwingwing nae meoritsogi bokjapane Tingtingtingting dagagalsurok twinggyeojine Nadeoreo mwol eojjeoran geonde Nae du nunapi mangmakaejigo…

KIM BUMSOO Always on your side Cover

KIM BUMSOO – Always on your side Lyrics

English Translation: Maybe it was destiny That we have met Like coincidence, like fate We believed it was destiny You won’t be lonely anymore You can lean on me whenever you want When you’re tired…

KIM BUMSOO Fixed On You Cover

KIM BUMSOO – Fixed On You Lyrics

English Translation: There are things that you need to take one step away To look at and realize Because precious things are always tearfully shining Once they grow far away This faded sight of you…