GIRIBOY Mouse OST Part 3 Cover

GIRIBOY – A Rat In The Trap Lyrics

English Translation: The night is growing especially long here in seoul With nothing, I was walking on the streets Then I heard noisy sounds from somewhere Their enjoyment is my poison Hide me so no…

GIRIBOY It Was Love Cover

GIRIBOY – It Was Love Lyrics

English Translation: We had big fights Over little things I didn’t say anything the whole day And was mad I guess it was love Though I didn’t know back then After it was all over…

Giriboy Reverse Cover

Giriboy – Reverse Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Livin’ like surfer haeil wie Himi deulmyeon oechyeotdeon unfair Bammada moeun soneun jigyeomne Modu geureoteut salgil wonhae eondeok wie Fine chaja gil dareun Ollata on ma sm5 Himkkeot bulleodo an daeuldeuthan geu…