Dreamcatcher 5th Mini Album Cover

Dreamcatcher – Dear Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Cheoeum nege saranghaera malhal ttae Geu mari naegen eoryeopgeman neukkyeojyeosseonneunde Jigeum nege saranghaera malhal ttae Nae mameul da damanael suga eopseo Jakge neukkyeojine Jigeum uri saimankeum Teukbyeolhan geon eopseulgeol Seollemeul neomeun mueonga…

Dreamcatche RoSE BLUE Cover

Dreamcatcher – R.o.S.E BLUE Lyrics

English Translation: I blossomed white with no color But now I’m being colored by you For a while, there was no meaning to my blooming days But in the end, dreams come true Those typical…