Yunsae flowerain Cover

Yunsae – flowerain Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: For the first time, Ttatteuthan bomgiune kkamppak Heundeullineunga bwa Amuri sumgiryeo haedo Useumi nawa Meoritsogen Kkumeul kkuneun deuthan neoui Dajeonghan du nune Tto dareun sesangeul bwa Yunanhido Yeorin gureum arae bichin nae…

Yunsae Warm Puppy Cover

Yunsae – Warm Puppy Lyrics

English Translation/Romanized: Every time I close my mind I feel like I disappear And I know all my life is breakin’ down I just need a little, little light Tired of living in the dark…

Yunsae Feeling of You Single Cover

Yunsae – Feeling of You Lyrics

English Translation: Baby ah, there are many secrets that no one will know But I bet, I’ll know soon special With words like reason Without explanation Do you know what I am saying? Even for…