Wonstein 10 Minutes Cover

Wonstein – 10 Minutes Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Just one 10 minutes Nae geosi doeneun sigan Sunjinhan naesunge soga uneun namjadeul Baby dareun maeryeoge heundeulligo itjana Yonggi naebwa dagawa nal gajil sudo itjana Eoneu neujeun bam honja deureoseon got Chumchuneun…

WONSTEIN When Night Is Falling Cover

WONSTEIN – When Night Is Falling Lyrics

English Translation: I’m drinking again today because I’m depressed Because I’m thinking about you again I need to turn off the phone on my bed Because I think I’ll regret it tomorrow When the cold…

Wonstein Kangaroo Cover

Wonstein – Kangaroo Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Wherever I go Everything I need Is in your pocket All the really precious things Before you even ask Is in my pocket I didn’t like the things you said When the…