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Taeyeon Rain EP

Taeyeon – Secret Lyrics

English Translation: With the softly spreading melodies of the piano I close my eyes, lean on the music and start my story Like this I remember the past days Why did they hurt so much?…

Taeyeon Rain EP

Taeyeon – Rain Lyrics

English Translation: The empty gray streets, it’s so empty Feeling blue, I opened the glass window Rain drops fall onto my hands The longing starts to well up and flow in my heart I miss…

Taeyeon 1st mini-Album Cover

Taeyeon – Farewell Lyrics

English Translation: Liking that song Liking that road, that’s not it, that’s not it, I like the song we listened to together Roads we used to walk together, it’s true From the beginning, this ugly…

Taeyeon 1st mini-Album Cover

Taeyeon – Stress Lyrics

English Translation: I’m angry for some reason, oh, deep in my heart, Words come up that I’ve kept hidden, You linger in my head, your one word that stings, Can’t spit it out, it’s unlike…

Taeyeon 1st mini-Album Cover

Taeyeon – Gemini Lyrics

English Translation: What words should I say? What thoughts are you immersed in like that? You and I remain here Full of anticipation, your whispers Like a dream we’ve drawn together, you and I Will…

Taeyeon 1st mini-Album Cover

Taeyeon – U R Lyrics

English Translation: For a long time, in my heart, Full of clouds, it rains For warm sun to shine, I sincerely hoped. Raindrops that wet my shoulder, When I dried, I alone, Was so afraid…

Taeyeon 1st mini-Album Cover

Taeyeon – I Lyrics

(Feat. Verbal Jint) English Translation: Sky that pours light (I) stand under it Fly as if I’m dreaming My life is a beauty A story I’ve heard often somewhere Ugly duckling and swan, a butterfly…

Taeyeon You're All Surrounded OST Cover

Taeyeon – Love, That One Word Lyrics

English Translation: Without anyone knowing, without even me knowing I don’t know when but you came into my heart Tears fell yesterday and tears are falling again today With my head down low, I’m looking…

Taeyeon S.M The Ballad Vol. 2 Cover

Taeyeon – Set Me Free Lyrics

English Translation: The thing I suddenly remembered was your smile I keep trying to erase it but it just gets clearer Love All of the stories we shared together Now they are in the past…

Mr. Go OST

Taeyeon – Bye Lyrics

English Translation: Please be happy. I hope that you will always be someone who shines brightly. Saying goodbye with a smile A little more (sound of ball hitting) Now, it’s goodbye. Farewell, we’re saying goodbye…