SIYEON & DAMI Dark Hole OST Part 2 Cover

SIYEON & DAMI – Shadow Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: The thick smoke Rides up my throat and suffocates me A fiery flower Settles in a deep place The empty ground and tears Are not drying up It keeps flowing Over the…

Siyeon Take Revenge OST Part 1 Cover

Siyeon – No Mind Lyrics

English Translation: I didn’t know, didn’t even notice your changing heart I didn’t even think about it I just thought you weren’t in a good mood My mind’s all over the place, my heart is…

SIYEON Into The Ring OST Part 1 Cover

SIYEON – Good Sera Lyrics

English Translation: Kick start with a faster beat That’s right don’t escape now Party time, it has started so give it your all Like the spilling sunshine Remember all the moments That shined like the…