Mirani Gasoline Cover

Mirani – Gasoline Lyrics

Official English Translation: I woke up from a fantasy love story I don’t wait for it pour gasoline on my body Shining star, pick it with my hands Get out of here I woke up…

Mirani Lambo Cover

Mirani – Lambo! Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Can you see me me me? Ije neomu jal boyeo I wish I wish I wish Designer fit fit fit Swil sae eopsi deo nulleodae beep beep beep Badageseo gulleowasseuni geobi eopseo…

mirani Daisy Cover

mirani – Daisy Lyrics

English Translation: I still can’t take it When I get flowers I honestly feel awkward Because at one point That scent was a luxury for me I was jealous of the flowers blooming So I…