Meego & Renee DP OST Cover

Meego & Renee – Good Bye Lyrics

English Translation: The end that seemed so faraway is now at my fingertips So close yet so far I’m facing myself of the past As if I’m laughing at my own negativity With arms crossed,…

Meego It depends on what you think Cover

Meego – It depends on what you think Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: I had better be on my way I didn’t notice Like a supernova Gamdeon nuneul tteul ttae I didn’t notice Wollae da geojisiradeonde Naega bon jeomeun dalla Nugunga tto byeori doeji Nugungan…

Meego 110 Cover

Meego – 1/10 Lyrics

English Translation: My poor expressions I wonder how it was reflected on you Even those conversations we had without trouble I think it’s a little difficult The more I try, the more I look Leaving…