Lim Young Woong

Lim Young Woong Do or Die Cover

Lim Young Woong – Do or Die Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Hamseongi beonjyeo sumi chaolla I bamui juingong ssodajin spotlight Meomchuji mara himkkeot oechyeobwa Uri oneul huhoe eopdorok Deo duryeoul geosi eopseo taoreuneun neoui heart beat Moduga hamkke michyeo haneullo nopi ttwieo Yeoljeongeul…

Lim Young Woong HERO Cover

Lim Young Woong – HERO Lyrics

English Translation: When the world becomes an obstacle That blocks your way, look at me I’m always by your side Don’t worry about a thing Like this, always, always I will protect you Trust in…