Kep1er 3rd Mini Album Cover

Kep1er – We Fresh Lyrics

English Translation: We fresh Here we go I want that different vibe from anotherdimension Need some freedom we’re a new type hero That you haven’t seen anywhere If you look at me, it’s all me,…

Kep1er DOUBLAST Album Cover

Kep1er – Up! Lyrics

Official English Translation: Listen I do I do tomorrow and today Don’t waste it Na na na na Don’t waste it Always I’m good I’m good cast a spell Cooler Na na na na Cooler…

Kep1er FIRST IMPACT Album Cover

Kep1er – MVSK Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Are you sure? Are you serious? Eojjeomyeon neon dareun sigane salgo isseo Are you happy? What are you up to? Sangsanghaetdeon sesange chodaehae julge neol Aesseo neoreul mireonaeji ma Geu jageun munteum…