Jin The Astronaut Cover

Jin – The Astronaut Lyrics

Official English Translation: You and me An unendin’ history Oh, you became my universe The story of us Like that asteroid driftin’ by without a destination I, too, was just driftin’ along Every dream I…

Jin Jirisan OST Part 4 Cover

Jin – Yours Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Gipeojin haru gireojin nae geurimja Jeo meolli haeneun jeomulgo isseo Jiteo ganeun eodum sogeseo hemeigo inna bwa Igose gatyeobeorin geolkka Ajikdo sum swineun got Geugose dagagaya hae Every day you seem too…

JIN Single Cover

JIN – Gone Lyrics

English Translation: In that space where memories linger Still as warm on my fingertips You are here, here Your scent, your face Please, look at me, look at me, look at me I can feel…