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Lonely Enough To Love OST

Golden Child Lonely Enough To Love OST Part 1 Cover

Y & JI BEOM – Come With Me Lyrics

English Translation: Baby baby, tell me right now Why do you burn me up so much? Maybe, maybe, you and I, just us two Hug me, love me, what do you think? I can’t say…

Yu Seung Woo Lonely Enough To Love OST Part 2 Cover

Yu Seung Woo – Luv Luv Baby Lyrics

English Translation: On a night like this, if I’m with you I think something might happen My heart is pounding, I wonder if you know, I’m afraid I’ll get caught Do you know how cautious…

JIN Lonely Enough To Love OST Part 4 Cover

JIN – Until The Eyelids Become Heavy Lyrics

English Translation: I feel your warmth from my fingertips And the whispers of the wind that wrap around us It’s our own universe, it’s you and me I can’t believe it, tears come to my…

JUNIEL Lonely Enough To Love OST Part 5 Cover

JUNIEL – Delight Lyrics

English Translation: Everyone’s asleep, the night sky is so peaceful When did my heart start fluttering? Even the moon, even the stars All look like you tonight You fell on the window of my heart…

Joe Wonsun Lonely Enough To Love OST Part 7 Cover

Joe Wonsun – Before The Dawn Lyrics

English Translation: Trapped in the thick fog As if I’m being pulled somewhere This nice trembling feeling won’t go away It feels like time has stopped Like the stars that dance In the melody of…