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Huh Gak Man From The Stars OST Cover

Huh Gak – Tears Like Today Lyrics

English Translation: The person who calls out to you is me My tears that fall without tact are love You were always by my side but I didn’t know it was you Why am I…

Huh Gak & Eunji Single Cover

Huh Gak & Eunji – Short Hair Lyrics

English Translation: You walk over from far away and you look so different You look so pretty so I will catch up to you and walk together Short hair, short skirt, makeup-less face For some…

Huh Gak 1st Digital mini-Album Cover

Huh Gak – 1440 Lyrics

English Translation: 1440 times a day I keep thinking of you To the point where I think I’m obsessed I quietly watch TV And I keep thinking of you More than the female leads in…

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Huh Gak – Monodrama Lyrics

(Feat. Yoo Seung Woo) English Translation: I silently sit and think about us and how we became this way I sit still and close my eyes and think of you, your face and us two…

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Huh Gak – It Hurt Lyrics

English Translation: It hurts because you left I cried all day but it still hurts again Though it hurts like this Though it really hurts Like a fool, I’m smiling again today I miss you…

Huh Gak & Zia - I Need You

Huh Gak & Zia – I Need You Lyrics

English Translation: I stand still and close my eyes but I keep thinking of you You are like a floating cloud to me Is the word Love still not enough for you? Is my heart…