Huh Gak (허각)
"That time, that space (그 시간, 그 공간)"

English Translation:

I’m walking on an unknown path
In the pain of destiny and love
At the end of the faded road
I’ve curled up into a ball

Some day, time will stop
And when I look back on myself
I’ll realize I was happy
In that time, in that place, that pain
In that time

All the hard days pass by
And painful memories remain in my breath
Even the dreams that couldn’t fly
That I held onto for a while

Some day, time will stop
And when I look at myself
I’ll tell myself, you did so well

The memories of the past have gotten so far away
When I close my eyes and remember
It might come back
Then I’ll walk on that path again

Even if I’m exhausted with regret at times
We were together during those hard times

Then, time will stop again
And the day I remember myself
The destiny, love and pain
In that time, in that place, in those memories


Eodiinji al su eomneun gireul georeoga
Unmyeong sarang geu apeume
Heurithan jeo gil kkeuteseo
Umcheurigo inneun nae moseup

Eonjenga dasi sigani meomchugo nareul doraboneun nal
Haengbok haesseotdaneun geol
Geu sigan geu gonggan apeum
Geu sigan sok na

Himdeureotdeon I modeun nal meolli jinaga
Apeun gieok nae sumgyeore
Hanchameul naege pumeotdeon
Naraoreuji mothan kkumdo

Eonjenga dasi sigani meomchugo nareul baraboneun nal
Neon cham jalhaewatdago

Adeukaejin jinannarui chueogeul nun gameumyeon tteoollimyeon
Naege daeuljido molla
Dasi geu gireul georeoga

Gakkeumeun huhoero jichyeo beorindedo
Himdeun sigan tto hamkkehaetdeon uri

Geunaren dasi sigani meomchugo nareul gieokaneun nal
Unmyeong sarang geu apeume
Geu sigan geu gonggan geu chueoge