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Gwangil Jo

Gwangil Jo Lets Disco Dance Cover

Gwangil Jo – Let’s Disco Dance Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Diseukona chullae? “Imma neon geurubihangeon an eoullyeo” “Ireon bumbaep biteu jwo bwatja rideum mot ta heoujeok” Geureomyeon naega bangguseoge deureoga deo deo ppakjageop Iraedo naega ttokgatdamyeon geurae nega hanbeon gareuchyeo jwo Nae…

Gwangil Jo Rambo Cover

Gwangil Jo – Rambo Lyrics

English Translation: Tobacco is tough I still need a lot of benjamin buttons I was resting a few months, I have to take a sense of it. I filled it with a population pool. Yes,…

Gwangil Jo Depersonalization Cover

Gwangil Jo – Depersonalization Lyrics

English Translation: Still what I don’t know A lot of people I envy you? Ok stop Because it appeared timely “real bubble wrapper” All of me in your mouth It’s organized in a word Get…

Gwangil Jo Memoirs Cover

Gwangil Jo – Memoirs Lyrics

English Translation: After the performance in front of 100 or so audiences, The feelings of going back to the pool are easy As one seat in the lineup, I Drinking is too much for me…

Gwangil Jo KOREA Cover

Gwangil Jo – KOREA Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: The people which I see in Korea, They see soul to earn ripples of music All the same waveform Even if we decorate the shows, It will result in the fall of…