Gwangil Jo

Gwangil Jo Depersonalization Cover

Gwangil Jo – Depersonalization Lyrics

English Translation: Still what I don’t know A lot of people I envy you? Ok stop Because it appeared timely “real bubble wrapper” All of me in your mouth It’s organized in a word Get…

Gwangil Jo Memoirs Cover

Gwangil Jo – Memoirs Lyrics

English Translation: After the performance in front of 100 or so audiences, The feelings of going back to the pool are easy As one seat in the lineup, I Drinking is too much for me…

Gwangil Jo KOREA Cover

Gwangil Jo – KOREA Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: The people which I see in Korea, They see soul to earn ripples of music All the same waveform Even if we decorate the shows, It will result in the fall of…