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GOT7 – DIVE Lyrics

Official English Translation: Even though I know it’s stupid I’m falling down oh I know that’d be painful Despite all that, dive My world that is going to be the sea I dream about it…


GOT7 – ENCORE Lyrics

English Translation: Feels like we are still just kids But the world calls us adults Let’s never grow up Have we forgotten that time when we made a promise? To us that were experiencing everything…

GOT7 4th Album Breath of Love Cover

GOT7 – 1+1 Lyrics

English Translation: On weekends it’s iv For pizza it’s beer For you it’s me right right right Like a piece for a puzzle Our relationship fits perfectly together When we pick the same coffee We…

GOT7 4th Album Breath of Love Cover

GOT7 – WAVE Lyrics

English Translation: Oh baby when I look at you Ooh why am I like this, I can’t forget you I’ll cherish forever, this moment You and me will be together forever Oh we’ll laugh ‘hahaha’…

GOT7 Flight Log EP Cover

GOT7 – Fly Lyrics

English Translation: Oh ohh I wanna fly baby fly with you Aye are you happy? I sure am yeah Every morning I wake up it feels like a dream Like the brilliant sun is shining…

GOT7 MAD Winter Edition Cover

GOT7 – Confession Song Lyrics

English Translation: Hundreds of confessions without success I feel so unconfident should I just go back I say I’ll confess for sure but it’s pointless with no actions in the end Can’t keep my head…

GOT7 4th mini-Album Cover

GOT7 – If You Do Lyrics

English Translation: If you do it’s GOOD, if I do it’s DONE How can you always say that I’m wrong You always want to win Tears are your ultimate weapon I was attracted to your…