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Fiestar Single Cover

Fiestar – Apple Pie Lyrics

English Translation: Look at yourself, right in front of the oven Waiting earnestly You can keep staring But there’s still more time left, be patient babe boy, I don’t wanna bother you But take me…

Fiestar My Lovely Girl OST Cover

Fiestar – Tight Lyrics

English Translation: All day, I can’t let go of my phone because of you Why can’t things be like before? Why are you so nervous? If you keep this up, I won’t like you anymore…

FIESTAR Golden Tower OST Cover

FIESTAR – Save Me Tarzan Lyrics

English Translation: Hey! Boy! Save me, save me Hey! Boy! Save me! FIESTAR S.O.S Ta Ta Ta Tarzan (x3) S.O.S Ta Ta Ta Ta I’m trapped in the jungle Fly over here on a vine…

FIESTAR Single Cover

FIESTAR – One More Lyrics

English Translation: One more One more One more To the same place (one more) The same course (one more) We do what we do every day I’m just going to let loose (one more) You…

Fiestar Single Album Cover

Fiestar – Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Ireon yaegireul deureosseoyo Undonghal ttaeneun seoroga deo kkeullindaguyo oh Nae chingudeuldo geuraesseoyo Jinjja matneun mariraeyo wae ijekkeot nan mollatjyo Sarangeun eoryeowoseo seoroga malhaji anheumyeon moreujanhayo Geuraeseo gachi…

Fiestar Single Album Cover

Fiestar – I Don’t Know Lyrics

English Translation: You tell me once, twice, three times but I don’t know I don’t know anything Why do you keep asking to meet at night? Are dates usually like that? (That’s how it is,…

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Fiestar – Whoo! Lyrics

(Feat. Eric Benet) English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Geujeo challainji gin siganilji Eojireoun I bam neon eotteoni Dari huljjeok chaoreunda Nuni bujjeok majuchinda Nege michyeoganeun I bam Mogi mareun geon geujeo galjeungi…

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FIESTAR – We Don’t Stop Lyrics

English Translation: I’m bad, and you know it You’re still scrunched up, work it babe Now spread out your hardened shoulders We don’t wanna stop (yeah) (x3) Forget it when they said you have no…

FIESTAR 2nd Single Cover

FIESTAR – Sweet Love Lyrics

(Feat. Kim Yeon Woo) English Translation: Everyday cannot stop thinking about you Can’t sleep or eat or tweet without you, Sweet love. I engrave you little by little into my fluttering and waiting heart I want…

FIESTAR Vista EP Cover

FIESTAR – Sea Of Moonlight Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah It’s summer! Anywhere is good – Falling love Today, let’s go anywhere no matter what Before this summer goes How about a place where you can hear the water and there’s a…