My Lovely Girl OST

My Lovely Girl OST Part 2

Krystal – All Of A Sudden Lyrics

English Translation: You haven’t laughed out loud yet Are we that awkward with each other? We did so many things together But you haven’t given me a single look or touch The whole world is…

Fiestar My Lovely Girl OST Cover

Fiestar – Tight Lyrics

English Translation: All day, I can’t let go of my phone because of you Why can’t things be like before? Why are you so nervous? If you keep this up, I won’t like you anymore…

Fiestar My Lovely Girl OST Cover

HALO – Super Stiction Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: I can see it in your eyes follow my way Na jeomjeom hangeoreum dwiro mulleonatji Ah gyesokhaeseo nan Check yo mageul sun eobtji Ah hutoe anin jeonjin…