Celine Lemon Balm Cover

Celine – Lemon Balm Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Yojeumeun najedo heurithae Nae gibuni jigeum ttak irae Nae gyeoteul seuchyeogan oraejeonui neocheoreom Nae chimdae wi neul meorimate baraejin ne sajindeul Beorigo nanikka I gibuneul mworalkka Eoryeowotdeon munjereul pun geot gata Ssodajideon…

Celine Zombie Detective OST Part 4 Cover

Celine – Good Memory Lyrics

English Translation: Yet another day passes and I’m pretending nothing is wrong Because I don’t want anyone else to see my tears I’m telling myself that with time This thick darkness will get better My…

Celine You'll Forget Single Cover

Celine – You’ll Forget Lyrics

English Translation: It’s been a long time since I’ve been here I haven’t been here for quite a while You’re still deep down I’m so late I guess that’s how it was gonna end anyway I guess it was…