Baek Ji Young

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Baek Ji Young Single Cover

Baek Ji Young – Still In Love Lyrics

English Translation: The love that was passionate for a while Has become strengthless and familiar People say that everyone is like that That love burns out after giving everything In between the faint light We…

Baek Ji Young Single Cover

Baek Ji Young – Fervor Lyrics

English Translation: When the autumn wind blows I send off the longing When the red sun shines I think of those warm days When the cold rain falls It hides my tears Even when the…

Baek Ji Young Gu Family Book OST Cover

Baek Ji Young – Spring Rain Lyrics

English Translation: Love came to me like spring rain Completely soaking me wet Without a sound, it melts my frozen heart and awakens me It’s sweet This vague feeling, this fluttering heart I guess I…

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Baek Ji Young – Acacia Lyrics

English Translation: Here but not anymore, the person who loved me 1, 2, 3, I pick off the flower pedals Here but not anymore, I always waited like a habit For the person with the…

Baek Ji Young Single Cover

Baek Ji Young – Hate Lyrics

English Translation: You’re so bad – how could you leave after only giving me painful scars? I blankly stare at you, who is turning away, not being able to catch you The past memories of…

Baek Ji Young Good Boy EP Album Cover

Baek Ji Young – Good Boy Lyrics

English Translation: You’re a good boy who listens to me well You do everything that I ask you to do But when you cause trouble, you’re a bad boy When I compliment you, you become…