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ALi Golden Rainbow OST Cover

ALi – The Vow Lyrics

English Translation: Please let me only love one person Please give me a heart that does not shake I hope it lasts forever like the flowing river I hope my last love is you Until…

ALi EP Cover

ALi – Ziugae Lyrics

English Translation: I was curious about how to overcome a break up So I searched for the method online Then I found something that I could relate to It said that I should hurt as…

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ALi – Selfish Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Niga allieomneun neoui maeum Nado alli eobtjanha eotteoke naega al su itgil barago naege malhaneungeoya Seolma naega jinsimeuro neoreul saranghagireul barago Naege neoui maeumeul allineungeoya Ireoke munjaro…