415 Going to You at a Speed of 493km OST Part 7 Cover

415 – By Your Side Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Ttanggeomi jin geurium sairo Ttodasi balgeun bichi deuriumyeon Jamsi naeryeonoatdeon Gieogui heunjeogi jinannare nareul bureunda Useumkkot piudeon Geunarui neoege malhaebonda Neowa naega manna Sarangeul malhadeon Geuttaero nan dasi gago sipda Neoui gyeoteuro…

415 Summer Nostalgia Cover

415 – Summer Nostalgia Lyrics

English Translation: When you gaze upon the deep blue sea And the waves come crashing into your mind What would you be thinking of in that moment Could it be that it’s me sometimes When…

415 No Wish No More Cover

415 – No Wish No More Lyrics

English Translation: Don’t leave me baby It’s too late, but now I can’t even reach you Just walk around and look at the door You said it was good Even if the distance is a…