Zion T

Zion T, Crush Single Cover

Zion T, Crush – Just Lyrics

English Translation: If you’re saying hi Because you feel bad for me Don’t worry about hurting me And just pass by Nana (nana) Nana (nana) Don’t worry about my heart hurting I’m actually fine Even…

Zion.T Yanghwa BRDG

Zion.T – Yanghwa Bridge Lyrics

English Translation: I was always alone at home My dad was a taxi driver Whenever I asked him where he was He’d answer, the Yang Hwa Bridge Every morning, he’d leave me candy and ramen…

Zion.T Two Melodies

Zion.T – Two Melodies Lyrics

(Feat. Crush) English Translation: When I’m sitting in a cafe Only these kinds of songs that I’m sick of keep playing But I hear what I want to hear Heart fluttering, heart pounding when I…