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Xia Junsu 3rd Album Cover

Xia Junsu – Flower Lyrics

(Feat. Tablo of Epik High) English Translation: Take my hand You know I’m here with you Say my name Cuz lies can’t kill the truth It’s burning up The truths hidden in lies It’s being…

XIA Junsu Musical 2013 Cover

XIA Junsu – The Reason Of Love Lyrics

(with Gummy) English Translation: I spent many nights With the reason of love Now they grow distant and are buried in my memories The many stories we shared together Remain in my heart Now only…

XIA Junsu Musical 2013 Cover

XIA Junsu – December Lyrics

English Translation: Are you still at there in that white and cold town? My song that will never reach you It goes back to the sky The snow fell all night in between the alleys…

XIA Junsu with LYn

Xia Junsu – Brushed Past Lyrics

(with LYn) English Translation: I need to hurry and go I need to escape this place But my feet won’t move Who is that? What is this feeling right now? I need to hurry and…

Empress Ki OST Part 3

Xia Junsu – I Love You Lyrics

English Translation: Can’t you look at me? Can’t you love me? The day you came to me My heart stopped and my eyes were blinded You’re always looking at far places You always pretend not…

XIA Junsu 2nd Album Cover

XIA Junsu – Incredible Lyrics

(Feat. Quincy) English Translation: You’re so beautiful that you dazzle My body is trembling, it feels like a dream I can’t keep my eyes off of you for a second So can I come see…

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XIA Junsu – 11AM Lyrics

English Translation: 11:05 in the morning I don’t like the sun waking me up It’s a day no different from yesterday I don’t like the world, my head hurts I drink water And adjust my…

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Xia Junsu – Foolish Heart Lyrics

English Translation: This is enough, the heartache, the painful tears I was always in pain, ever since you first came to me I know even if you don’t say it That someone like me will…