Urban Zakapa

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Urban Zakapa Like A Bird

Urban Zakapa – Like A Bird Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Geujeo balgeoreumi danneun daero Jeo meon gose saeroun gireul chajaseo Jogeumeun natseoreo duryeoun mamdo itjiman Geudaewa cheoncheonhi hangeoreumssik naagandamyeon Songarak saisairo bureooneun baram ttara Geudae son kkok…

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Urban Zakapa – All The Same Lyrics

English Translation: Becoming more and more pitiful because of greed Getting farther away the more I try to hold on Getting more exhausted the more I try to protect you Crumbling down so emptily like…

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Urban Zakapa – River Lyrics

English Translation: I know you cried a lot, I know how you feel I was really worried at the thought of you crying yesterday You’ll probably cry more because you still have Many encounters ahead…