TOO 2nd Mini Album Running TOOgether Cover

TOO – Better Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Ajigeun nalgaega iksukaji ana ttaeroneun neomeojyeo gakkeumeun sseureojyeo Jogeumssik naeun naega doego sipeo eojebodan oneul oneulbodan naeil Jiteun eodum soge gireul ileosseul ttae neoman nal bichune Balgeun bicheul ttara daeun geugoseseo neoreul…

ONF Road To Kingdom Part 1

TOO – Hard Carry Lyrics

Original song by: GOT7 English Translation: Hard Carry! WOH! Hard Carry! Welcome to my world, let’s do this Call me an issue maker I’m so ill Wherever I go, the air Go higher So noisy…

Road To Kingdom Cover

TOO – Magnolia Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: Magnolia, Magnolia Blue light, light, quietly came and brushed my mind I open my eyes in an unknown dimension Why? Why? Where am I? Who am I? The moment it became ambiguous The space is distorted…