TAEWOO moonlight Cover

TAEWOO – moonlight Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Na oneuldo jami an waseo Garodeung saireul honja georeosseo Samuchineun maldeul heundeullineun na Heuteojineun gureum tteooreuneun dal I can make everything into right Eomma geokjeong malgo oneureun bal ppeotgo ja I can…

TAEWOO hitmeup Cover

TAEWOO – hitmeup Lyrics

English Translation: Question mark over you How far are you? Can’t I just figure out your heart Without asking? So I turn on my instagram babe Your story right now Why so much sadness? Why…

TAEWOO Pause Cover

TAEWOO – Pause Lyrics

English Translation: Life is so noisy Sometimes I just wanna turn it off Like the tv, sometimes, life doesn’t know how to stop I waited for those late night calls But I missed them on…