Super Junior

SUPER JUNIOR House Party Cover

SUPER JUNIOR – House Party Lyrics

Official English Translation: Ladies and gentlemen Please watch carefully and do as I do (We) gonna have a good time The time of freedom has stopped Let’s applaud for the hard work of the past…

SUPER JUNIOR The Melody Cover

SUPER JUNIOR – The Melody Lyrics

Official English Translation: Every single scene is worth it Fearlessly passionate moments Even the world that used to be like a hard training Looking back, it’s just a beautiful memory We met with nothing in…

Super Junior 7th Album Repackaged Cover

Super Junior – …ing Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Ne saenggagi nal ttaemada yogeul haesseosseo Geureomyeon jogeum naajyeosseo Heunjeogi doel manhan geon da jiwobeoryeosseo Geuraedo gieogeun neomu manha Eotteoke naege jeonhwa hal suga Mundeuk tteoolla jeonhwa…