Son Dam Bi

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Son Dam Bi 3rd Digital Single Cover

Son Dam Bi – Red Candle Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Red candle Oneuri ogil baraetjanha Euneunhi nal gamssajwotjanha Joyonghi nae son jabatjanha Bureul kkeojwo woo hoo hoo Neol angien neomu tteugeopgo noga naeril geot gata Nae ane…

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Son Dam Bi – I Wanted To Love Lyrics

English Translation: I thought of marrying then for the first time. What would we do now if we got married? After having dinner and watching TV together We would make love and have a beautiful…

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Son Dam Bi – Emergency Call Lyrics

English Translation: Your eyes looking at me are hot, it’s hot, it’s getting my attention In my head the thought about you calls me like it’s dancing It’s an impact, my heart is pounding like…

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Son Dam Bi – It Seems So Lyrics

English Translation: We fought a lot, we had many painful breakups You gave me wounds, you left me like this I still cannot forget you We cried a lot, saying that we got exhausted from…

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Son Dam Bi – Dripping Tears Lyrics

English Translation: Baby tonight oh baby tonight I can’t hold the hand that I long for Baby tonight oh baby tonight I can’t sleep a wink and I’m just waiting Tears are falling, rain is…