MOOK Love That Will Freeze to Death OST Part 2 Cover

MOOK – Dive With You Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Nal bureuneun gidae eorin siseon soge Ttancheong burideut Meomutdae naegen ontong eoryeowo Geureol ttaemyeon gyeoteseo Soneul jaba soksangnyeo Let’s go, fly away Dive with you neoreun badareul hyanghae na Jump in love…

MOOK Light on Me OST Part 2 Cover


English Translation: This mightbe a dream The rainbow colored sky I’m closing my eyes Because I don’t want to wake up Side by side Let’s cross the purple midsummer night With you I’m getting hotter…

MOOK Awaken OST Part 3 Cover

MOOK – Reverse Lyrics

English Translation Lyrics: I live reverse I’m losing order Under the midnight sun Will I be able to find myself? On this swerved ground I’m the only one standing on a different line (Oh oh…