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M.I.B 2nd Album Cover

M.I.B – Chisa Bounce Lyrics

English Translation: I just can’t fall asleep tonight I feel like something will happen today I wanna go It’s been a long time I saw dirty and messed up things you know I’ll fix it…

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M.I.B – Dash Lyrics

English Translation: Okay shake it, tie up all the worries that make your head ache Yes, do whatever you want, why, for what? I’ll plant a memory in your head, I’ll make it even newer…

M.I.B Money In The Building EP Cover

M.I.B – Nod Along! Lyrics

English Translation: Now lean on me, my dear Let’s go back to when we first loved Nod, nod along, please nod along and say you want me too (x2) Come back to me – time…

M.I.B Illusion Album Cover

M.I.B – Only Hard For Me Lyrics

English Translation: In Your Eyes I Can See You Forever In Your Life Look into my eyes once more, I just need you In My Eyes I Can See You Forever In Your Life No…

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M.I.B – The Falling Flower Lyrics

English Translation: Scream at the top of their lungs I see the bright lights this is the high life We do it for everybody aim for the stars just like a pilot All of us…

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M.I.B – Dutch Pay Lyrics

Feat. Hafsa English Translation: Well You Like The Kind Of Girls That Ask For Way Too Much With Your Entourage Of Boys That Just Just Go And Dutch You Can Buy Me A Diamond, Buy…