Lee Jung

Lee Jung Your Love Cover

Lee Jung – Your Love Lyrics

(Feat. Lisa) English Translation: Feel it feel it, more than now Curious, about your feelings for me What to do? Now show me your love You look at me when you talk to me With…

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Lee Jung – I Am Sorry Lyrics

English Translation: I coincidentally visited that place and saw her She had a bright smile as she greeted me Saying it’s been a long time and that I’ve changed She asks how I am doing…

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Lee Jung – Thank You Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Anincheokhago isseo Moreuneun geotcheoreom Nae maeum modu boyeojugo sipeunde Ajigeun neomu ppareun geot gataseo Neoman moreugo isseo Kkeutnae nan mareul hal suga eobseo Neomu apeul geot gateun…