Kevin Oh

Kevin Oh Yumis Cells 2 OST Part 6 Cover

Kevin Oh – Where My Heart Falls Lyrics

English Translation: Romanized: Japil deut maldeuthan geudae Chatjane noga naerimyeon Eoyeoppeun miso Jeonbu damjin mothae Mam hankyeone gamchun bulbit Ijen deo sumgiji mayo Changmuneul dudeurin bitbangul doeeo Sarangeul soksagigopa Nae sumgyeol gadeuki geudael angoseo Eunhasu…

Kevin Oh Oh, My Sun Cover

Kevin Oh – Oh, My Sun Lyrics

Official English Translation: Still picturing her eyes Still linger in the walls You can’t believe how time Has called her now You hold inside your arms A ghost of all her lines But now she’s…